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Commercial Locksmith
Commercial Locksmith

Commercial locksmith

Need a commercial locksmith in the Gold Coast area? Rhino Locksmiths have you covered.

Businesses of any size can fall victim to theft and burglary, severely impacting their finances and the mental health of their employees. What’s worse is that many businesses fail to recover from even a single incident of theft and close their doors permanently. Commercial locksmiths exist to prevent this from ever happening.

We offer commercial locksmith services to a variety of business types, ranging from retail to office spaces, and have the tools and technology to set you up quickly and hassle free. The Rhino team brings qualifications and experience to every job and guarantees high-class service. Whether you’re a retailer or in an office complex, the team at Rhino are the perfect commercial locksmiths for your business.

Which commercial locksmith services do Rhino Locksmiths offer?

Rhino Locksmiths can assist in a variety of commercial locksmith services from our headquarters in Helensvale, we provide commercial solutions anywhere within a 30-minute radius. Our list of comprehensive commercial locksmith services include:

  • Master Keying Services
  • Restriced Key Services
  • Mortice Locks
  • Fire Rated Hardware
  • Digital Locker Access

Contact  the team at Rhino Locksmiths today for more information or to enquire about how we can assist you with all your commercial locksmith needs.

Commercial Locksmith Services
Commercial Locksmith Services
Restricted and master key services

Restricted and master key services

Our commercial locksmith services can arrange the installation of a restricted key system at your business or office, for that extra layer of security. In a restricted key system, additional keys require formal authorisation and can only be replicated by the commercial locksmith who created the initial set of keys. At Rhino Locksmiths, we keep an accurate record of all our restricted key systems to give you absolute peace of mind that your system is secure.

We also provide commercial master key services with the capability to implement design, installation, and maintenance. Many businesses and workplaces employ a multitude of locks to manage access across single, or multiple business sites. Rhino can provide a master key system that will enable you to navigate numerous security access doors with the convenience of not having to change between keys. You can also elect to limit the access of additional key holders to specific areas as desired.

Mortice Lock

Mortice lock installation

A mortice lock is set inside the body of a door, rather than on the outside of the door. These locks use a pocket on the doorframe for structural support, making them especially secure. This design allows the lock to be secured from both ends, meaning the user can lock the door from either side.

This option makes the mortice lock perfect for front and back doors. Now, your employees can secure the door on their way out and unlock the door on their way in, or lock and unlock the door behind them.

You can trust Rhino Locksmiths to use only the finest materials and machinery to install mortice locks, always assuring your security.

Mortice Lock

Do Rhino Locksmiths offer fire rated hardware?

Fire rated hardware provides passive commercial fire protection for a building, creating a safe exit in the event of a fire. Additionally, fire rated products slow the spread of fire and smoke, giving an additional layer of safety in your business.

Our fire rated openings include fire door hinges, a locking device, fire door closers, astragals, door coordinators, power transfer devices, glass lites and door viewers.

All our fire rated hardware will be expertly installed by our professional team who will ensure you understand the working components of the system and can provide any necessary maintenance and checks throughout its lifespan.

We have all your commercial locksmith needs covered on the Gold Coast

If you’re in need of quality commercial locksmith service including access, maintenance, and system installations, Rhino Locksmiths is the premier choice across the Gold Coast.

From our base in Helensvale, we can provide our comprehensive services to businesses and offices within a 30-minute radius. Call us today to speak to a friendly member of our team or, alternatively complete our enquiry form and we’ll be in touch.

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